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Just a Little 'Bout Me

I am an illustrator from the Grand Rapids area trying to use my art to bring joy and excitement to those around me. I have a curious mind that finds joy in the little things in life. If you were to show me a picture of some little critter, I would gush over it with you forever. Show me something you baked over the weekend, I’ll be asking for a detailed account of how you made said goodie. I bring this same excitement to the illustrations, paintings, and designs I craft.

Pieces I create for myself vary depending on my mood or the changing seasons. In the spring and summer you can expect to see me creating pieces filled with bright colors, flora and fauna. In the fall and winter I let my spookier interests influence my paintings. Being able to find joy in these little things allows me to help anyone get excited about their artistic needs.

If we can sit down and have a conversation about what you’re looking for in a new work of art, I would love to chat with you. 

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